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bbin宝盈娱乐平台-Functions and Roles


Carrying forward the corporate mission of “Improving capital efficiency, leading the development of emerging industries and fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities of a State-owned enterprise”, BSAM fully leverages its financing, investment and asset management functions, and plays special and important roles in the State-owned asset operation system:

An important promoter of financial system building in Beijing
Since its founding, BSAM has performed the functions of a representative of government assets in local financial institutions. While exercising supervisory power, it has also actively adopted various ways to actively handle non-performing assets and help to dissolve financial risks. On the other hand, BSAM has actively invested in emerging financial service industries and markets and gradually formed a “One Core and Two Flanks” financial development pattern, with the traditional financial industry as the core and a financial service support system for small- and medium-sized enterprises and an elements market for Beijing as the two flanks.

A leading investment force in Beijing’s modern manufacturing industry
In accordance with the directions and requirements of Beijing’s industry restructuring, upgrading and optimization, BSAM has pushed forward the development of national strategic industries and the building of “Smart Beijing”, safeguarded national security, advanced the environmental industry and improved livelihood. It has undertaken verification work for the modern manufacturing projects supported by the Beijing municipal government and exercised its responsibilities as a financial sponsor and funds manager. BSAM has made efforts to build itself into a specialized investment company and a leading hi-tech E-government company in Beijing.

A major participant in local urban functionality area development in Beijing
In accordance with the Beijing municipal government’s “Three Beijings” strategy, BSAM has vigorously worked in the fields of industry park building, hi-tech property development, highway construction, underground rail construction, primary development of land and urban and rural integration. It has successfully developed Zhongguancun Plaza, Zhongguancun Software Park, Life Science Park, Biomedicine Base and other projects, giving a tremendous boost for Beijing’s drive to build itself into a world city. BSAM has expanded its hi-tech property models to nationwide and developed hi-tech industry parks in Jiaxing, Wuxi and Qingdao.

An environmental and new energy pioneer among municipal enterprises in Beijing
Through M&As, BSAM has acquired a controlling stake in Dynagreen Holding Group, and energetically developed investment and construction operations in the environmental and new energy industries, with a focus on waste incineration based power generation. Continuously pushing forward innovations in business models and technologies and improving operational efficiency, BJSAM has established a leading brand image in the industry, undertaking the greatest number of projects and possessing the second largest daily garbage processing capacity among its peer cities in China.

A leader in the local cultural and sports industries
BSAM provided outstanding investment, construction and games-time guarantee for the five major competition venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It has undertaken post-games operations for the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube, inherited rich and tremendous Olympic legacies and created a large number of influential cultural and creative brands, including the 60th anniversary celebrations of the People’s Republic of China, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Guangzhou Asian Games, Turandot Performance at the Bird’s Nest, Dream Water Cube, New Year’s Concert and World Snooker China Open.