Announcement of Nanyang Commercial Bank (China) Limited and Beijing Guotong Asset Management Co., Ltd on Creditor’s Rights Transfer and Collection

Date:2017-01-05  count:1

According to Creditor’s Rights Transfer Contract (No. 1-86) concluded by and between Nanyang Commercial Bank (China) Limited (hereinafter referred to as “NCB (China)”) and Beijing Guotong Asset Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Guotong Company”) in November 2016, NCB (China) shall transfer creditor’s rights involved with this Contract and security rights subordinated to the transfer and all other rights, interests and benefits and other related rights and interests arising therefrom to Guotong Company. Guotong Company has become the creditor of creditor’s rights as specified in Creditor’s Rights Transfer List attached hereinafter, and has the right to exercise rights for debtors (or borrower), guarantors or other obligors involved with creditor’s rights as specified in Creditor’s Rights Transfer List in accordance with the relevant borrowing contracts, guarantee contracts, other legal documents in proof of debtor-creditor relationship and related legal provisions. This Announcement is hereby issued to notify debtors and guarantors that borrowers and the corresponding guarantors or recipients of borrowers and guarantors are requested to fulfill their repayment obligations (In the event that borrowers and guarantors undergo renaming, restructuring, suspension, revocation of business license or the loss of civil subject qualifications for various reasons, relevant debt bearers and liquidators shall fulfill obligations or bear the responsibility for liquidation on behalf of borrowers and guarantors).

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Annex: Creditor’s Rights Transfer List

January 5, 2017