BSAM Takes Practical Actions to Push forward Beijing’s Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center

Date:2018-02-08  count:1

In accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s relevant instructions for “Implementing National Big Data Strategy and Accelerating the Construction of Digital China”, in order to further uphold the strategic positioning of Beijing City and promote Beijing’s construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center, sponsored and led by BSAM in conjunction with pioneers in the field of scientific and technological innovation (such as Kai-Fu Lee and other experts and scholars), “Beijing Cutting-edge International Artificial Intelligence Research Institute” was inaugurated on February 8, 2018. Yin Hejun (Member of Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Beijing) and Li Shushen (Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) delivered the keynote speeches and conferred the nameplate for the Institute. On behalf of BSAM (the sole state-owned enterprise sponsor), Yue Peng (Party Secretary and Chairman of BSAM) attended the grand ceremony and jointly took part in inauguration ceremony together with other leaders. Sun Jing (Vice President of BSAM) accompanied in various events.
Affiliated to BSAM, Beijing Integrated Circuit Design Park joins hands with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a number of other high-quality resource entities to establish artificial Intelligence Basic Theoretical Research Center, Beijing Smart Society Innovation Center and Beijing Patent Innovation Center, takes actions to bring together scientific and technological innovation factors, and actively builds world-class artificial intelligence innovation and ecosystem bases.