Chairman Yue Peng and President Zhi Jun Made In-depth Exchange with Executives of British City Football Group and Manchester City Football Club

Date:2017-12-20  count:1

On December 20, 2017, Tom Glick (Chief Operating Officer of British City Football Group) and relevant officials of Manchester City Football Club visited BSAM, and conducted in-depth exchanges with chairman Yue Peng and President Zhi Jun in terms of preliminary cooperation intentions for package projects as reached by both parties in November 2017. Relevant heads of BSAM Department of Cultural and Sports Investment, Department of Integrated Management and Beijing Beiao Group also attended.

At the meeting, both parties conducted extensive in-depth exchanges and discussion about mutual cooperation for the Bird’s Nest Display Interactive Experience Center, Nanhaizi International Football Cultural Exchange Center Project, high-end soccer tournament, soccer teenager training business and other aspects. Yue Peng expressed the willingness to cooperate actively with Manchester City Football Club, introduce the high-end football culture into China, develop and revitalize the Chinese football, and improve the development level of sports industry in Beijing and the whole China. Tom Glick and executives of Manchester City Football Club promised to vigorously join hands with BSAM, accelerate the process of cooperation, promote cooperation projects for early implementation, and achieve win-win situation.